Our Story

built to handle the curves of life.

When a woman puts on a bikini for the first time each summer, for most, it’s a vulnerable moment. A moment to face and make peace with your body as it is, post-partum, another year older and after the comfort of sweater season.

But we believe that moment is also an opportunity for freedom, commitment to fun and a declaration of all the beautiful internal work that we’ve been up to.

SwimXL is a swimwear brand built for every woman on the precipice of change, eager to launch into the most self-loving version of herself yet. And we’re built to handle the curves of life, from motherhood to DDD’s and beyond.

more than swimwear

SwimXL is much more than just swimwear. We are a media and retail company giving platform to women’s transformation where it really matters, inside.

our style philosophy

For too long, women with curves haven’t had the same variety of choices in fashion, and especially swimwear. And the few choices women have had, clearly demonstrated a lack of consideration and awareness of the silhouettes that highlight the beauty of a curvy figure. We’re changing that. When you shop at SwimXL, the difference is obvious. We know the silhouettes that make you look good, and we carry sizes from S-5XL, so we’ve got you covered.

meet our founder.

SwimXL was created by Stephanie LaFlora, a product brand manager in Boulder, CO, who after experiencing the ups and downs of post-partum body changes, set off to create a brand that not only empowers women to step out each summer confidently, but also join a community of women doing the same.