The 4 Swimsuits You Need for Your Next Beach Vacation

The 4 Swimsuits You Need for Your Next Beach Vacation

The 4 Swimsuits You Need for Your Next Beach Vacation


Just booked a vacation, but not still in love with last years swimsuits? We've got you. Here's the swimsuits you need for your next beach vacation.


The Minimalist




Minimalist fashion is defined by one major principle: keep it simple! This suit is for the days you want to feel beautiful in a classic and chic way. Bandeau bikinis and one-piece swimwear with sophisticated cuts are perfect for those understated days.  To pull off the look, pair streamlined shapes and a limited color palette.

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The Go-To




The Go-To is the suit that looks good on you every time. This suit is for bloated days when you need something to work with you! One-piece wraps swimsuits, color blocking and compression fabric are perfect for the days you could use a little confidence boost.  To pull off the look, do the opposite of your instinct  -- wear bold colors and show off your curves, just with the right suit.

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The Show-Stopper




The Show-Stopper is the suit that guarantees you get the attention you deserve. This suit is for days when you want to unapologetically take up space. Deep V necklines, revealing cut outs and high cut bottoms are perfect for the days when you want to show em' what you're working with!  To pull off the look, know what cuts work best for your shape -- Great boobs? Show off the twins! Irresistible booty? Slay them with a high cut panty-line. Whatever you wear, rock it like only you can, and everyone will take notice.

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The Retro Beach Babe




The Retro Beach Babe is the suit gives you all the Mad Men, Marilyn Monroe feels. Nothing says sexy and classy like a vintage sexy suit. High waist bikini bottoms, stripes and polka dots are perfect for the days when you want to feel nostalgic!  To pull off the look, start with a vintage silhouette you love and then pair with a short heel to top off the vintage vibes.

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