5 Really Good Reasons You Should Strut a Swimsuit this Summer

5 Really Good Reasons You Should Strut a Swimsuit this Summer

5 Really Good Reasons You Should Strut a Swimsuit this Summer

Summer... oh dreaded summer. Trust me. I can relate. I've spent many summers quietly declining beach and pool-party invitations. And when I did go, I strategically wore my cover up the entire time - it was at least a cute one!

And then, I had a baby. And man. Nothing can wreck your confidence like performing one of the most miraculous acts on the planet. How does that work?

If the thought of heading to the pool, sends a chill of anxiety up your spine, you're not alone. But I'm going to let you in on a secret...the freedom that working that itsy bitsy bikini (or classic one-piece) at the pool is something you're missing out on. 

Spending a day in the sun, barbecuing, wading into the tide and getting quality time with family and friends is a good time...or at least - it can be. I know what it's like to pour over social media and loathe my postpartum bod. But when I just said F it and wore my swimsuit, just 3 months after having my son at a pool party, it was one of the most liberating things I've ever done. 

You deserve to have fun in the summer, outside. Everyone else is...so what is a good reason that you shouldn't? Spoiler alert: there isn't one. 

So here's 5 better reasons (than your excuses) you should strut a swimsuit this summer and decide to be body positive:

1. You Actually Want To

Let's be real. Most diets and exercise plans boil down to one, fairly simple truth. You want to feel good in any outfit. Yes, you want to be healthy (and you should aim for that), but most Pinterest Fitness Motivation boards are stocked with photos of people with a lot less body fat than the advised amount. What if you could feel good in any outfit now? I'm not here to ruin your 2019 goals or resolutions. By all means, go for it! All I'm suggesting is that, you can choose to feel good long before you lose weight. And if you feel good...you may even decide you don't need to lose any weight in the first place. 

2. Your Friends & Family Need You to Feel Good About Yourself

Being body positive is not just good for you. It's really something that will ultimately transform everything around you. When your children grow up with a mother that loves herself inside and out, it teaches them to do the same. When your significant other has a partner that is confident that they are worth loving, it changes the dynamic in such a positive way. When your friends see you confidently wearing your swimsuit, suddenly they believe maybe they can too. 

3. Your Body is Art

You're not to be critiqued or graded. You are a work of art to be observed, studied and admired - and those who appreciate you, will do so from an authentic place. This is what I tell myself. And this is not easy. Sometimes when I'm home and want to feel sexy, I end up just putting on sweatpants because I think "I don't want my stomach bulge to be so obvious, so I'll just cover up." So I'm talking to myself here. Every curve and crevice is at least interesting...but I'm daring to think of all of it as beautiful.

4. There Are a Lot of Swimsuits, And One of Them Will Make You Feel Cute

Okay, I've mentioned the itsy-bitsy bikini a few times in this blog, but truthfully...I'm not ready for that yet. Right now, my go-to is a high waist bikini. I think it hugs my wide hips just right, and admittedly -- it hides my stretch marks from giving birth. See what I just did there? You don't have to prove anything to anyone when you wear a swimsuit...your goal is simply to feel good. 


5. You'll Discover Other Things You've Been Missing

This one has been a major revelation for me.  In fact, part of what inspired me to make SwimXL, a body positive swim shop, is that I realized there were all sorts of things I had told myself I had to "wait" for until I was better. Something so personal as exposing your cellulite and jiggly belly to the public plants a seed in you to unlock all sorts of things you've buried for fear of embarrassment. But what if you set out to explore what was on the other side of all that? What if you simply told yourself, yes?

6. BONUS - You May Discover a More Rewarding Fitness Motivation

I've always gone into the gym with a thoughts kind of like this... "Okay, time to make up for all that pasta and beer." But that hasn't motivated me much. When I have really kept up with fitness, it's been because I wanted the endorphin relief or I wanted to feel strong. Feeling awful about the way you look naked is weirdly not motivating. For me, all that's done is made me feel like a fool for even attempting to work out. When you allow yourself to love yourself...that may be where you finally find the motivation for fitness that clicks.

Ultimately, you may decided that 2019 is just not the summer for you to take on the Beach Body Positive Challenge. But I do urge you to consider that 2019 be your most confident summer ever. What does that look like exactly? Doing whatever the hell you want. Wearing the sleeveless dress, rocking the short skirt, strutting around in the itsy-bitsy....one piece. Whatever you decide, I'll be here...nudging you along, being as encouraging as I can and trying to practice what I preach.


Take the Body Positive Challenge

Ready to take the plunge? Awesome. Here's what you need to do.

  1. Choose the right swimsuit for your shape. 
  2. Strut your curves on a beach or at the pool
  3. Tag @swimxl on Facebook or Instagram and add #BeachBodyPositiveChallenge

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